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What Is An Occupational Therapist

What is an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are keystone providers who teach clients how to integrate their skills and strengths into the sustainable and satisfying performance of daily life activities. We have used vocational tasks as both a means and an end to health and wellbeing since the foundation of the profession.

We recognize that a person’s ability to do activities and tasks within their community creates a sense of belonging and meaning in a person’s life.

An injury can disrupt a person’s concept of self and worth as they face barriers that limit their ability to participate in roles that are valued by our society, like that of the worker. When an injury occurs within the industrial setting, a person’s perceived competence of their vocational abilities may be disrupted, especially if they are unable to participate in all aspects of their job duties. Within the industrial rehabilitation setting, an occupational therapist works within their full scope of practice by utilizing an integrated approach to address the physical, cognitive, emotional, and environmental factors that impact return-to-work and return-to-life success.

The goal of the Occupational Therapy program at NWTRTW is to assist clients in maximizing their functional capacities, enabling them to participate as fully as possible in valued occupations and required job tasks. This is done through providing adaptive strategies, utilizing adaptive equipment when appropriate, and training in safe movement patterns to ensure injury prevention during functional activities.

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