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“Thanks for all of the help getting me back to work. The whole body approach is awesome. I have learned a lot of new skills to keep me healthy, not only for my shoulder, but my hip and neck too.”

Work Injury and Occupational Physician Services

A work injury physician or occupational care physician is a WA licensed health care professional, who acts as an attending physician in occupational healthcare for WA Labor and Industry.

Work injury physicians are responsible for the practical management and overall planning, coordination, and monitoring of the treatment implementation and effectiveness in occupational rehabilitation following a work related injury.

At Northwest Return To Work, in addition to participating in our pain management program, our physicians are also able to evaluate and comprehensively manage an injured workers’ health and work ability in relation to the requirements of their work. Our physicians diagnose and treat work-related illnesses/injuries in addition to assessing and directing the injured workers’ need for rehabilitation.

Our physicians work together with the injured worker, other occupational health care personnel and in co-operation with Labor and Industry representatives, vocational counselors, legal representatives and workplace representatives for the good of employees’ health and safety.

Our physicians understand that guiding our clients through this sometimes complex role as an “Injured worker” as efficiently as possible will prompt the restoration of not only their role as worker, but will also help stabilize their other life roles (family members, community members, etc) and help prevent the development of long-term disability.

Occupational Medicine

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