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“I have been to a few therapy places and this one was by far the best. Excellent staff always willing to help and explain what is going on. They truly care about you as a person. Hopefully I will not need therapy again but if I do I will be back here.”


Testimonials are an integral part of any healthcare setting. The decision to start therapy can sometimes be a difficult choice for those dealing with injuries or illnesses that are interrupting their life. We want to give our potential clients all the reassurance they need to take the next step. We put a lot of effort into collecting patient feedback in all areas of our clinic. From there we analyze this information at regular intervals to make sure we are constantly improving on how we interact with our clients and their support systems.

If you yourself would like to make a comment about our clinic, please follow this link to write a google review and help us grow together. If you have any questions or would like to send us information privately, contact us here.

Take a look at what our past clients said about us. We’re confident they’ll help you make your next decision.

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Very thankful for your team. They were genuinely concerned about my recovery. I struggled at first to feel comfortable and accepted but your team gently brought me into the fold. In addition to the excellent team the accommodations were comfortable and close to location. Thanks for your service.

OT & PT were very helpful & knowledgeable. I think that the daily exercising was beneficial. And all of the staff were very understanding of my needs.

I liked the work environment which is a professional team that gave me all the necessary help for my recovery from day to day. I know how to live with my pain and I am grateful for the opportunities that they gave me. I know that it will be useful for a future of my daily life in which I live it with different levels of pain...thanks for everything to the team that supports and helps me at all times...thanks in advance!

I have been to a couple other therapy places before this one, and this is by far is the best one. In other places, it felt like we are just going through the motion, but here, I have learned a lot and helped me a lot. Everybody seemed happy to be working here, which says a lot about the employers. Erin and Rachel is very detailed, obviously going above and beyond and shows they really are concerned with my goals and work really hard with me to achieve those goals. I love Yousif's energy. I come in late in the afternoon but his enthusiasm and energy is contagious. I worked with Franco a couple times, and in those 2 times I learned a lot. he also pays attention, and corrected me with something I have been doing wrong all my life. Julia makes our every session fun. It doesn't feel like an hour when working with her because she is very fun and pleasant to work with. When I was new, I asked every one who see me, that if they are injured, who would they trust to be their therapist. They can't pick one because they are all equally good. and yes, they are right, I can't pick a favorite because everybody gives their 100% and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure the patients reach their goal. Thank you everybody. Even I, myself, am impressed with how much I have improved. I wish I found this place sooner and have done all my therapy needs here.

I enjoyed my program here and all the staff were helpful and pleasant to work with. They were easy going and was glad that they were also able to get me extra time here to get to closer to being better. They gave me a home workout that I will continue.

When I started therapy here, I thought I had already progressed as far as possible toward recovery. After a little testing, all of the problems associated showed themselves. I really enjoyed the fact that exercises and therapy specifically targeted problem areas. While I feel like I have more to achieve with my recovery, I feel that we have made some progress. Overall, I am happy with that progress and I am thankful for the dedication you give to your patients. Thank you!!

In my opinion, every member of the staff here is absolutely amazing, respectful, helpful and hard working. They have helped me to believe I have a chance at getting back to my regular life some what and I am very grateful for that. I would like to point out also that some of the staff I have spent more of my time with than others. One of those being Nate and I have to say his attitude and demeanor has helped me a lot as well as he is always helpful and willing to just listen. Miss Dena is another and had it not been for her helping me to strain my conical brain I don't believe I would have made half the progress. And last but not least Kyrstin and Carolyn always happy laughing joking and listing to the things I say and helping me from there. Also I would like to mention all the very pleasant front desk staff who were polite and helpful. Thank you all for caring for me.

Thank you so much for your great services, it has been a great journey having my rehab through NWRTW. I will definitely come back if i need to, but i hope i don't have to. Thanks again for your services.

Thank you very much for everything to the Northwest Return to Work has done. Thank you for the dedication to the patients and personally for all the support to help my recovery. I am very happy with everything I have learned to be able to cope with the injury. Thank you for making the  time that I spend here with you very pleasant, you are very kind and professional doing your job. I have learned to do things differently and this helps me to return to work with a new way of doing it, thank you all very much !!! The experience with everyone was very pleasant, everyone's jokes makes one feel confident. Thank you very much Carrie, Anne, Yousif , Rachel, Erin, Erika, Julie, Travis, Brett, Rebeca, Lindsay and their Interpreters Rebeca and Fernando have been very helpful for me, thank you for the great impact you have had !!!!!!!!!!

I truly believe that the staff and program did a wonderful job and really made advancements in my rehabilitation. Everyone in the entire building was very pleasant and helpful, both in person and on the phone.

I want to say thank you so much for this opportunity to be part of this wonderful program I will miss everyone one of you. If I could leave one thing is for others, it is that having a more positive influences helps a lot with the recovery process and I will definitely take what I have learned in this short time with me. I never thought that I would be where I am now in just a week. Being pain free is so amazing thank you again everyone for the wonderful experience. I love you guys we will always be part of my family.

I've had more of my issues addressed in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last two years since the beginning of my claim. Dr. peter especially was the most helpful at helping me address my mental health issues that stem from my traumatic brain injury. Also Nate helped me learn that I had more physical problems due to my accident than I originally thought I had, and has strongly recommended that I follow up to address those new issues. overall, this has really helped me figure out what needs to be done with my claim and injury.

Throughout the entirety of the program I asked myself, "Who looks at for the wide-ranging needs of the excellent cadre of staff that are able to consistently listen, care, and to some degree, I imagine, absorb the intense pain, discomfort and crushing emotional/physical/psychological lows associated with industrial accident injuries?" I'm sure that these genuinely heartfelt endeavors by these deeply invested individuals are rewarded as the healing process is enabled and flourishes. I'm sure that any of the lows their patients endure throughout the process are balanced out by the "Highs" of witnessing their intense, concerted efforts flourish and are evidenced as rehabilitation in motion. It is my belief that the recruitment of such strong resilient quality cadre must of course contribute and foster an internally nourishing environment for the staff as evidenced and that they deserve any considerations possible to allow such a cohesive and dedicated team to flourish further, for themselves and families.

They all seem to zero right in on your limitations, even if you weren't aware of them yourself. It's a friendly but professional place to address all your medical and rehabilitation needs. They will guide you to progress yet let you take the reins when an appropriate time arises.   

Truly grateful for everyone here. You guys are awesome human beings, and have helped bring me back to life. I wouldn't change a thing; just wish I had more time. Thank you all!!!!  

The extra human support that all the staff demonstrates for people gives the feeling of being with family, I will be forever grateful!! 🙂 Thank you very much!

Northwest Return to Work (RTW) has been a very beneficial experience. While injuring my shoulder has been a significant interruption of the routines in my life (working, driving, toddler parenting, dog humaning, archery and shooting), my road to recovery has been made effective, efficient and pleasurable by RTW. When I say RTW I mean the PT therapists I have worked directly with over the last 2-3 months, the other therapists, other employees (especially the front desk staff) and the other persons at the clinic. The environment is friendly, safe and very professional. I do plan to come back to use the arm bike and (of course) visit. I am back working and driving 100%. All other areas have a ways to go still, but are back to 80-90%. I have been instructed in many exercises and how I can / should do them on my own. I believe while not ready to let go of the inspirational support of RtW, I am prepared to continue the PT exercises on my own. Thank you to all at RTW.
The staff surpassed all my needs and did and an expert job of polishing my skills for returning to work. Thanks for having this service to help people return to a normal work life.

It was an excellent program for me. It exceeded my expectations. Especially since I received other services such as vocational counseling, psychologist, nutrition and a very professional treatment including my interpreter. Thank you very much!

I worked with Jenna, Ingrid, Pam and Anne. They were very understanding and accommodating of my anxiety and hyper activity issues. I have been to several PT clinics for my injury and none of them have been as professional and friendly and helpful dealing with my problems.

Everyone was fantastic, I just wish my knee was as accommodating as the staff.

The staff and all the people there are great, and I highly recommend this program for any who need it for any type of injury. Even if you have had no injury, it would still help.

This place rocks! My PT therapists were awesome and the OT therapists top notch! I would recommend this clinic to my friends and family in a New York minute!

I would like to thank to all the staff who helped and work with me during this four weeks. Especially to all of those who are made my lifestyle easier. A big thanks to all!

Erin is an excellent Therapist. She figured out the issue with my neck before the MRI was done. She did everything she could to resolve the pain in both my neck and right shoulder. She took time to address my concerns and answer all my questions while maintaining patience and professional.

I am very grateful for all of Dena and Brooke's help during my follow-up. I am going to miss seeing everyone! Thank you!

From the front office to the doctors and to everybody who works on the floor, it was excellent service and they were very concerned about my pain and my ability to get better. Thank you everybody!

The approach, considering and tying in my overall physiology, was very impressive and helpful. Therapists were very knowledgeable and fun. With your help, my wife and I both appreciate that improvement was even more than expected. Thank you!

Every one that I was dealing with was very understanding of me as a person. I would highly recommend to family and friends thank you to the staff of North West Return To Work.

This was a very worthwhile program that would be helpful to any person, whether you are hurt or not. For those hurt, it's very helpful, and for those who are not injured, it could possibly prevent injury. Thank you all so very much!

I can't say enough about this great team. Erin, Brooke, Yousif, and Travis are amazing. They were able to find the very fine line of pushing me but not to the point where I didn't want/couldn't do it. Pam, Ingrid, Ren and Kyrsten are also wonderful. Your therapy staff is fantastic, they were all funny, motivating and knowledgeable. I feel very lucky to have selected NW Return to Work for my work conditioning.

Everybody is wonderful. I felt welcomed and treated with respect and care. I worked with a variety of staff and the continuity of care was spot on. I felt cared for, not just for my physical needs but me as a person. The staff is compassionate and had my best interest in mind. They care and it comes through in so many ways. I am grateful for having been able to get my rehabilitation here at NW Return to Work! I wish I could continue, but what they gave me is more than I expected and I know I can take everything I learned here and get even better.

Thank you!!

I want to say thank you to all the team members. They really go out of there way to help you with all your needs. The weeks went by so fast wish I could stay longer. Thanks guys, you do a great job to make sure people are doing and feeling good.

Having been in PT many times I've found that this program addressed all my needs and had an overall concern for both my physical and emotional well being. I was very impressed at the environment being joyful and working with your staff from the front desk to upstairs. I was always greeted with a smile and most even knew my name. I would recommend the services you offer to anyone who has work injuries to get involved as much as possible with this program. For me I was able to absorb the knowledge and expertise of your professionals. Looking forward to your Job SIM program as my next step towards acceptance.

Best Regards

I did not know what to expect when I was referred for work conditioning from my doctor. I was concerned that this was yet another hoop I needed to jump through. I was WRONG. I have learned so much about body positioning, and dealing with the emotional aspects of dealing with a long term injury. The staff is super knowledgeable and kind. I was comfortable being honest when I was in pain, knowing that there were still things I could do to make progress. I can't thank all of the staff enough at NW Return to Work. They have given me a "toolbox" to use to get stronger and get back to work! Go TEAM!

I have to say the program style at first is a bit overwhelming. Many therapists and many patients. But it is good training for a patient to interact with groups like this. The learning curve is a bit long but in the end it was a very positive experience.

Thanks for all your help.

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