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“In the short month that I got to do this program, I’ve seen some changes in myself and injury that have been extremely beneficial not just physically but mentally and emotionally.”


Explore these resources to help you recover from your work injury.

Work Rehabilitation Program

Work rehabilitation program started in early 2024 to replace the previous work conditioning and work hardening programs. To find out more information direct from the source, please use the link below. Key documents to review are the “Standards” and “Guidelines”. The standards document is a summarize document showing the program structure and requirements whereas the guidelines helps to give clinicians a base and treatment information.

Work Rehabilitation Info from L&I


Workers’ Comp Fundamentals

Would you like to understand some of the history and basics of L&I and workers compensation? Click the link to learn more from the source.

Workers Comp Fundamentals


Filing and Managing Claims

Do you want to understand the steps and types of a claim? Click the link below

Filing and Managing Claims


Workers’ Rights

Understanding your rights can help you through the claim process. See the links below for more information.

Workers Rights

Workers’ Comp Discrimination


Snohomish County Resources

Follow the link below for information on resources available to you in our community. There are a lot of wonderful people trying to help out anyone in need.

Snohomish County Resources PDF

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