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“I just want to say the staff always had a fun positive attitude and helped me want to be there everyday.”

For Vocational Counselors

At Northwest Return to Work we sincerely appreciate the many challenges facing our vocational counselor partners. As a result we work hard to be a good partner in the vocational planning and returning to work after injury.

To assist with the vocational planning and RTW process we will strive to deliver the following:

  • Pain Management VRC Help

    Vocational collaboration with our internal pain management VRC.

  • Communicating Options

    Direct communication with our mutual clients about job and retraining options presented.

  • Rapid Scheduling

    Timely scheduling of FCE’s and program evaluations.

  • Timely Communication

    Timely communication, physician recommendations, and reports.

  • Creative Problem Solving

    Creative problem solving solutions for difficult RTW dilemmas such as environmental adaptation and Graduated Return to Work planning.

  • Accesible Clinicians

    Accessible, well trained clinicians for the times you have questions related to our mutual clients.


Have questions? We’re here to help.

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