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“I have been to a few therapy places and this one was by far the best. Excellent staff always willing to help and explain what is going on. They truly care about you as a person. Hopefully I will not need therapy again but if I do I will be back here.”

About Us

Northwest Return to Work opened in Lynnwood, Washington in June 2007. The company was founded by Josh Cobbley, an occupational therapist. As the product of a poor, blue-collar family, Josh developed a profound appreciation for the sacrifices and hardships faced by working people. This appreciation was deepened during his occupational therapy training. From this training he gained understanding of what occurs when an occupation is interrupted.

The interruption in an occupation, especially a work role occupation, has profound impact on individuals and families. The impacts range from financial loss to the psychosocial burdens that can accompany learning new life roles.

Learn About Our Staff

We Understand Your Needs

  • Our therapists and support staff understand the direct and indirect costs associated with lost time and unsettled claims for both the injured worker and the insurer. With this in mind we base our treatment on the client’s ability to perform the physical components of his/her job goal.
  • We take our roles seriously and consider it a privilege to serve our client’s during what can certainly be a vulnerable time.

How we Benefit Our Clients

  • Specialized orthopedic rehabilitation where experience leads to a higher level of care
  • Comprehensive industrial rehabilitation services which include work hardening, work conditioning, FCE’s, and ergonomic consultation
  • Accessible therapists and staff who are ready to provide work comp professionals with excellent customer service
  • Provision of a safe and encouraging environment for clients to transition back into the role of a worker
  • A convenient location in Lynnwood just north of Seattle off of I-5 and I-405 near Alderwood Mall


  • Northwest Return to Work provides superior team-driven services in a genuine spirit of caring to help our patients fulfill occupational roles essential to healthy living.


  • Northwest Return to Work is the leading provider of comprehensive and objective work-related care in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Hospitality: Creating a welcoming and supportive environment for patients and those involved in their care throughout the therapeutic journey.
  • Compassion: Demonstrating empathy, understanding, and care for every individual and their unique needs.
  • Excellence: Striving to meet the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and outcomes in all that we do.
  • Humility: Valuing diverse perspectives, treating others with respect, and recognizing that we can always learn and grow.
  • Collaboration: Promoting teamwork, cooperation, and open communication to foster an environment where the best ideas emerge, and collective success is achieved.
  • Gratitude: Acknowledging with appreciation the roles of our patients, employees, and partners in our achievements.
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