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Mental Health Makes a Difference

Returning to work after injury involves more than just rehabilitating your physical strength.

Behavioral Health Intervention

Expert mental health support available to all with an existing work injury claim.

After an injury, it’s normal for someone to struggle with parts of life that once felt manageable. Even if someone has received physical therapy, occupational therapy, or even surgery, there may still be difficulties in everyday life. Nobody should have to recover alone.

Northwest Return to Work offers a short-term, mental health support to anyone with an open work injury claim. Behavioral Health Intervention (BHI) gives people a safe place to address the ways they have been impacted by their injury.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Get a comprehensive evaluation of cognitive ability by a licensed neuropsychologist.

Northwest Return to Work offers Neuropsychological Evaluations that provide an in-depth look at cognitive and behavioral changes as a result of an injury or illness.

Administered by a licensed neuropsychologist, these evaluations provide a comprehensive report for providers and clients that can assist in diagnosis, recommend treatment, or provide a baseline for future evaluations.

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