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Simulated Driving, Real Rehab.

The most immersive work injury rehab technology in the PNW.

High quality graphics, 3D sound with high fidelity motion that provides an ideal simulated driving experience in a real car cockpit environment.

Guided Treatment with a Goal.

Driving is a key part of life, and if an injury is affecting your ability to drive,
it may affect your ability to return to work.

NWRTW prides itself on being one of the first medical rehabilitation clinics in Washington State
to have the technology to give clients a chance to get back on the road without risk.

Designed for Results

Administered by a licensed Occupational Therapist

Cognitive assessments tools

Physical capacity measurements

Performs objective evaluations

Exportable video and performance records

High Engagement, Low Stakes

Realistic Training Environment

Motion/ Vibration System for Immersive Feel

Realistic Steering Wheel with Force Feedback

Adjustable Weather Driving Conditions

Rear view blind spot displays

180° Front view 4K resolution

What are physicians saying?

“Specifically, I performed a comprehensive driving evaluation on a young client that NWRTW referred to me and it was wonderful to hear how the simulator was incorporated into her rehab and really helped with her anxiety and PTSD from her accident. It really was the best of both worlds, the rehab/training from NWRTW and the verification of skills on the road with me.”

– Jennifer Fox  PT & CDRS

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