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Black and white photo of man carrying long piece of iron rebar with company slogan "Back to work, back to life" above him.

This was a very worthwhile program that would be helpful to any person, whether you are hurt or not. For those hurt, it's very helpful, and for those who are not injured, it could possibly prevent injury. Thank you all so very much!

It was an excellent program for me. It exceeded my expectations. Especially since I received other services such as vocational counseling, psychologist, nutrition and a very professional treatment including my interpreter. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for everything to the Northwest Return to Work has done. Thank you for the dedication to the patients and personally for all the support to help my recovery. I am very happy with everything I have learned to be able to cope with the injury. Thank you for making the  time that I spend here with you very pleasant, you are very kind and professional doing...

Erin is an excellent Therapist. She figured out the issue with my neck before the MRI was done. She did everything she could to resolve the pain in both my neck and right shoulder. She took time to address my concerns and answer all my questions while maintaining patience and professional.

The approach, considering and tying in my overall physiology, was very impressive and helpful. Therapists were very knowledgeable and fun. With your help, my wife and I both appreciate that improvement was even more than expected. Thank you!

The staff surpassed all my needs and did and an expert job of polishing my skills for returning to work. Thanks for having this service to help people return to a normal work life.

Clinic Updates

19May 23

Safety and Health at Work

Safety and Health at work are very important to us at NWRTW. April 28th was World Day for Safety and Health at Work and is celebrated because a safe and…

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19May 23

Brain Injury Treatment at NWRTW

At Northwest Return to Work, (NWRTW) person-centered care is at the center of our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Treatment (BIRT) program. We approach brain injury rehabilitation by listening to and developing…

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19May 23

Services at NWRTW

At Northwest Return to Work (NWRTW) we believe occupational roles are essential to a productive life, and we do our very best to provide comprehensive resources in a genuine spirit…

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