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Throughout the entirety of the program I asked myself, "Who looks at for the wide-ranging needs of the excellent cadre of staff that are able to consistently listen, care, and to some degree, I imagine, absorb the intense pain, discomfort and crushing emotional/physical/psychological lows associated with industrial accident injuries?" I'm sure that these genuinely heartfelt endeavors by these deeply invested individuals are rewarded as the healing process is enabled and...

I enjoyed my program here and all the staff were helpful and pleasant to work with. They were easy going and was glad that they were also able to get me extra time here to get to closer to being better. They gave me a home workout that I will continue.

I have to say the program style at first is a bit overwhelming. Many therapists and many patients. But it is good training for a patient to interact with groups like this. The learning curve is a bit long but in the end it was a very positive experience. Thanks for all your help.

Everyone was fantastic, I just wish my knee was as accommodating as the staff.

The staff and all the people there are great, and I highly recommend this program for any who need it for any type of injury. Even if you have had no injury, it would still help.

The approach, considering and tying in my overall physiology, was very impressive and helpful. Therapists were very knowledgeable and fun. With your help, my wife and I both appreciate that improvement was even more than expected. Thank you!

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29Jul 22

Occupational Medicine at NWRTW

Northwest Return to Work welcomed Dr. Gabrielle Morris, M.D., M.P.H., in February of this year as our Medical Director with a focus on Occupational Medicine. The goal of our Occupational…

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