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*We’re Moving! Our new location will be: 16201 25th Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98087 on June 3rd, 2024.*

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When I started therapy here, I thought I had already progressed as far as possible toward recovery. After a little testing, all of the problems associated showed themselves. I really enjoyed the fact that exercises and therapy specifically targeted problem areas. While I feel like I have more to achieve with my recovery, I feel that we have made some progress. Overall, I am happy with that progress and I...

This place rocks! My PT therapists were awesome and the OT therapists top notch! I would recommend this clinic to my friends and family in a New York minute!

Erin is an excellent Therapist. She figured out the issue with my neck before the MRI was done. She did everything she could to resolve the pain in both my neck and right shoulder. She took time to address my concerns and answer all my questions while maintaining patience and professional.

Every one that I was dealing with was very understanding of me as a person. I would highly recommend to family and friends thank you to the staff of North West Return To Work.

This was a very worthwhile program that would be helpful to any person, whether you are hurt or not. For those hurt, it's very helpful, and for those who are not injured, it could possibly prevent injury. Thank you all so very much!

In my opinion, every member of the staff here is absolutely amazing, respectful, helpful and hard working. They have helped me to believe I have a chance at getting back to my regular life some what and I am very grateful for that. I would like to point out also that some of the staff I have spent more of my time with than others. One of those being Nate...

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