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This place rocks! My PT therapists were awesome and the OT therapists top notch! I would recommend this clinic to my friends and family in a New York minute!

I want to say thank you so much for this opportunity to be part of this wonderful program I will miss everyone one of you. If I could leave one thing is for others, it is that having a more positive influences helps a lot with the recovery process and I will definitely take what I have learned in this short time with me. I never thought that I would...

The approach, considering and tying in my overall physiology, was very impressive and helpful. Therapists were very knowledgeable and fun. With your help, my wife and I both appreciate that improvement was even more than expected. Thank you!

I have been to a couple other therapy places before this one, and this is by far is the best one. In other places, it felt like we are just going through the motion, but here, I have learned a lot and helped me a lot. Everybody seemed happy to be working here, which says a lot about the employers. Erin and Rachel is very detailed, obviously going above and...

I enjoyed my program here and all the staff were helpful and pleasant to work with. They were easy going and was glad that they were also able to get me extra time here to get to closer to being better. They gave me a home workout that I will continue.

I liked the work environment which is a professional team that gave me all the necessary help for my recovery from day to day. I know how to live with my pain and I am grateful for the opportunities that they gave me. I know that it will be useful for a future of my daily life in which I live it with different levels of pain...thanks for everything to...

Clinic Updates

28Jul 21

Chiropractic Care Comes to NWRTW!

Exciting News! NWRTW continues to grow and expand to meet the needs of injured workers in Washington State. We are pleased to announce the addition of William C. Marson, D.C.…

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14Feb 21

Clinic Closure Status Log

Closure Updates Last updated: 2/17/21 Status: Open for Regular Hours Northwest Return to work is open for regular business hours.

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