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I truly believe that the staff and program did a wonderful job and really made advancements in my rehabilitation. Everyone in the entire building was very pleasant and helpful, both in person and on the phone.

I liked the work environment which is a professional team that gave me all the necessary help for my recovery from day to day. I know how to live with my pain and I am grateful for the opportunities that they gave me. I know that it will be useful for a future of my daily life in which I live it with different levels of pain...thanks for everything to...

This was a very worthwhile program that would be helpful to any person, whether you are hurt or not. For those hurt, it's very helpful, and for those who are not injured, it could possibly prevent injury. Thank you all so very much!

I am very grateful for all of Dena and Brooke's help during my follow-up. I am going to miss seeing everyone! Thank you!

Everybody is wonderful. I felt welcomed and treated with respect and care. I worked with a variety of staff and the continuity of care was spot on. I felt cared for, not just for my physical needs but me as a person. The staff is compassionate and had my best interest in mind. They care and it comes through in so many ways. I am grateful for having been able...

I have been to a couple other therapy places before this one, and this is by far is the best one. In other places, it felt like we are just going through the motion, but here, I have learned a lot and helped me a lot. Everybody seemed happy to be working here, which says a lot about the employers. Erin and Rachel is very detailed, obviously going above and...

Clinic Updates

20Jan 23

Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Management

Non-opioid chronic pain management is a type of treatment that is designed to help individuals who are suffering from chronic pain to manage their symptoms without relying on opioid medications.…

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