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When I started therapy here, I thought I had already progressed as far as possible toward recovery. After a little testing, all of the problems associated showed themselves. I really enjoyed the fact that exercises and therapy specifically targeted problem areas. While I feel like I have more to achieve with my recovery, I feel that we have made some progress. Overall, I am happy with that progress and I...

I truly believe that the staff and program did a wonderful job and really made advancements in my rehabilitation. Everyone in the entire building was very pleasant and helpful, both in person and on the phone.

They all seem to zero right in on your limitations, even if you weren't aware of them yourself. It's a friendly but professional place to address all your medical and rehabilitation needs. They will guide you to progress yet let you take the reins when an appropriate time arises.   

I would like to thank to all the staff who helped and work with me during this four weeks. Especially to all of those who are made my lifestyle easier. A big thanks to all!

I enjoyed my program here and all the staff were helpful and pleasant to work with. They were easy going and was glad that they were also able to get me extra time here to get to closer to being better. They gave me a home workout that I will continue.

I am very grateful for all of Dena and Brooke's help during my follow-up. I am going to miss seeing everyone! Thank you!

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