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Physical Therapy At NWRTW

Physical Therapy at NWRTW

At Northwest Return to Work (NWRTW), our Physical Therapy Program aims to support your return to work by employing a variety of treatments tailored to your needs. Physical Therapy at NWRTW is all about the treatments, which are determined by your therapist and may include techniques such as strengthening, stretching, body mechanics training, manual therapies, and education about your injury.

Physical therapy involves a thorough assessment of your physical and functional limitations resulting from your injury. Based on this assessment, a personalized treatment plan is developed to address these limitations. The goal is to promote safe physical activity, aiming to restore your functionality as closely as possible to your pre-injury level, encouraging your return to work.

Physical Therapy might be suitable for you if:

  • You have recently experienced a bodily injury affecting your daily life.
  • You underwent recent surgery.
  • Pain restricts your movement and daily activities.
  • You are dealing with issues related to bones, joints, nerves, or muscles.

Work rehabilitation at NWRTW is a targeted conditioning program designed to restore joint integrity, muscle performance, motor function, range of motion, and cardiovascular endurance. The objective is to rebuild physical capacity, enabling clients to resume their work responsibilities.

In cases where clients exhibit behavioral and job-specific deficits, Work Hardening may be recommended. Work Hardening, which involves both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, addresses the physical, functional, behavioral, and vocational aspects of the injured worker. Physical therapists contribute to the physical and functional components of both work rehabilitation and work hardening programs. Work Hardening is a structured, goal-oriented intervention program tailored to help clients return to work. It often includes real or simulated work tasks to restore physical, behavioral, and vocational functions.

How to Learn More!

If you have been injured and want to learn more about how you can get back to work, please contact us at Northwest Return to Work in Lynnwood, WA, Washington’s premiere rehabilitation center for work injury.

CONTACT US to schedule an appointment or make a referral.

Learn more about Physical Therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association.

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