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The Virage Driver Simulator Is Great For Rehabilitation

The Virage Driver Simulator is Great for Rehabilitation

At Northwest Return to Work (NWRTW), we treat injured workers whose lives have been significantly impacted due to a work injury. With our driving simulator OTs can assess cognitive, physical, perceptual, and emotional driving performance since we assess all the client factors that could impact safe engagement. The actual simulator only gives information related to cognitive and perceptual skills, but our OTs cover all client factor areas!

The Virage driver simulator is used for a wide range of rehabilitation needs and features a library of clinical activities that support progressive functional exercises, which target a client’s underlying sensory, cognitive and/or motor abilities that are required not only for driving, but also for other essential activities of daily living.

The goals around the use of the driving simulator are less about decreasing anxiety and increasing endurance (these are some targeted skills), and more about increasing client and community safety and a client’s community mobility to support RTW and return to life.

The simulator allows for targeted skill practice as well as integrated and complex driving practice which allows for treatments to be highly individualized based on the specific needs of the client. Additionally, the simulator allows for the choice between multiple types of vehicles which supports the development of skills for drivers in personal vehicles as well as the vehicles they may drive for their work.

The simulator allows for the practice of operational (ex. steering skills) and tactical (ex. safety judgment) behaviors in a safe, low-risk setting.

Drive Simulator for Rehabilitation at NWRTW

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Drive Simulator is Great for Rehabilitation

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