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L&I Works With Multiple Disciplines To Develop Work Injury Guidelines

L&I Works with Multiple Disciplines to Develop Work Injury Guidelines

Collaborating with professionals in multiple disciplines relevant to the work injury industry, Labor and Industries (L&I) uses guidelines to promote best practices for assisting injured workers. Working with physical therapists, occupational therapists, and vocational counselors, in collaboration with representatives from the Office of the Medical Director at L&I, these Treatment Guidelines are written from a clinical perspective, for guidance in clinical care. The Treatment Guidelines (also called Medical Treatment Guidelines, Medical Practice Guidelines, or Review Criteria) are evidence-based.

L&I Works with PTs, OTs, and Vocational Counselors with state government and community-based clinical experts. This allows for in-depth discussion and analysis of scientific research, cost, utilization, and outcome data on a broad array of topics related to the quality of medical care received by injured workers. Providing a method of developing evidence-based guidelines where many perspectives are considered.

The goal of the guidelines is to instruct providers and shape the policy for work rehabilitation. Importantly, it’s also intended to improve the L&I claim utilization review process. Focusing on early intervention. L&I Works with PTs, OTs, and Vocational Counselors with one goal in mind, helping injured workers get back to work and back to life.

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