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September Is Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month-helping to raise public awareness around pain, pain management, and the great work pain professionals do. It is also an opportunity to reflect on our efforts at Northwest Return to Work (NWRTW) to help injured workers who suffer from chronic pain and to acknowledge that pain can have cascading effects for everyone involved.

Our approach recognizes the multifaceted nature of pain and the complex ways in which chronic pain affects many aspects of one’s life.

The goal of the Structured Intensive Multidisciplinary Pain Program (SIMP) at Northwest Return to Work (NWRTW) is to encourage clients to develop self-awareness and find strategies to improve their psychological well-being. We do this by helping them learn effective self-management techniques by using alternative pain management tools such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, meditation, craniosacral therapies, regular physical activity, and encouraging positive thought.

NWRTW has one of the only structured, intensive, multi-disciplinary programs in the state of Washington for treating chronic pain.

We utilize Psychologists for psychological treatments, physical and occupational therapists for physical treatments, vocational counselors to make sure barriers to recovery are eliminated, medical doctors to oversee the program and provide information, and occupational medicine for supplements, homeopathic medicine, and pain management treatments and techniques for managing pain.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain due to a work injury, it’s time to contact NWRTW. You can learn more about Pain Management HERE.

September is Pain Awareness Month. Learn more about Pain at the International Association for the Study of Pain.

Find more about Pain Management. (choose category “Pain”)

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