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NWRTW COVID-19 Update and Re-Opening Plan

Dear clients and friends of Northwest Return to Work,

After weeks of closure we are now ready to start the difficult process of re-starting our services in a completely new environment beginning, in-part, this Wednesday, 4/8/2020. Our goal is simple. We want to help resume the care we provide to our clients to help them get back to work and their lives as soon as possible. Because things are different, we have had to make a lot of changes and we will continue to learn and adapt with everyone’s safety as our top priority. These are a short list of the things you can expect in the days and weeks to come.

If you find yourself in an emergent physical crisis, please contact your primary care provider, visit an urgent care/ER, or call 911. If you find yourself in an emergent psychological crisis, you may call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. If you just need to talk because you are feeling the need for psychological support, but are not in a crisis please feel free to phone the clinic (425) 774-9564 or email [email protected]

We are planning to open in a limited basis starting this Wednesday for our PT, Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, and Occupational Medicine. We are making phone calls to determine our client’s willingness and abilities to participate by computer video call or at the clinic. We are attempting to offer as many online services as possible, but we also understand that some clients will not have the access to internet or computers needed for this. When you are contacted by our clinic, we will be asking questions to see how we can best serve you. Please know that second to safety we are trying the best we can to make as many services available to all of our clients. However, we will need to stage these services because safety is, of course, our number one priority.

If you are one of the clients who is WILLING and able to safely attend our clinic in-person we have made a number of changes.

We will have protective plastic screens set up as you enter.

We will enter only from the front of the clinic.

Each client will have his/her temperature taken on their forehead.

Before or at the time of arrival clients will be asked a series of screening questions to ensure they have been social distancing appropriately and are not symptomatic with COVID-19 symptoms.

Each client will be provided a cloth mask upon arrival to wear during treatment.

Each client will be asked to wash their hands before beginning treatment.

Clients and staff will be spaced out appropriately during treatment sessions unless direct contact is needed. After direct contact hand washing or sanitizing will be mandated prior to resumption of activities.

As before we will have a number of CaviCide (anti-microbial) spray containers set up around the facilities for clients and staff to use for wiping down equipment and mats after use.

We will continue to have staff monitoring and cleaning the facility surfaces at frequent intervals.

We have moved a number of machines out of the gym floor to open up the space and help with client spacing. We have removed a number of chairs and tables to reduce the chance for people to gather in areas. We will be kindly, but firmly, reminding people to remain apart if this occurs.

We will be reducing the number of people (clients, staff, interpreters) allowed in our facility at one time. To accomplish this we will be scheduling fewer clients in person at one time and we will be utilizing Video Chatting services via ZOOM (for healthcare) in new ways. You may find yourself talking to one of our doctors/therapists/schedulers through a computer screen in our clinic. This will be different and new for all of us but know that we will be changing things as needed if things are not working the way we want them to work. We appreciate your patience and understanding with these new processes.

These are the measures we have taken to ensure your safety and hopefully create the safest environment possible for everyone while allowing care to resume. Until we have a vaccine we understand that we all will be encountering some level of risk, but we have consulted with medical providers to ensure we are prioritizing safety and taking every reasonable measure we can, with the resources available to provide benefit to our clients who are in need. We thank everyone again for your patience and understanding during our time of re-organization and waiting. If you have questions, please feel free to call the clinic, or reach out through one of our email links:

Home exercise programs/ or PT/OT: [email protected]
Pain Management program: [email protected]
Brain Injury program: [email protected]

Occupational medicine: [email protected]
Psychological services: [email protected]


Josh Cobbley


Northwest Return to Work

[email protected]


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