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Making A Referral At NWRTW

Making a Referral at NWRTW

Referrals from physicians, case managers, vocational counselors, attorneys, and other insurance professionals are the cornerstone of our practice at Northwest Return to Work (NWRTW). Making a referral at NWRTW is easy. We make it a priority to help physicians and other medical providers navigate an injured worker’s claim —with as much care and efficiency as possible. We believe that maintaining good relations with all parties will help facilitate the experience of our injured workers. We don’t believe anyone is served by not being recognized and respected in this process.

Respecting people is one of our core values.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work closely with our referral partners and understand the trust they place in our work. To this end, we promise to provide excellent customer service and will make every effort to remain accessible to all parties in a claim.

We pledge to provide:

  • Easy Online Referral Forms and same business day callbacks.
  • Professional, efficient, and friendly services to help facilitate everything from referrals to timely documentation delivery.
  • APF Form assistance.
  • Vocational collaboration with our internal pain management VRC.
  • Support with communication between the injured worker, physician, and vocational counselor.
  • Timely scheduling of FCEs and program evaluations.
  • Creative problem-solving solutions for difficult RTW dilemmas such as environmental adaptation and Graduated Return to Work planning.
  • Timely access to services and reports, keeping managers constantly aware of a client’s progress.
  • Straightforward expectations, keeping all parties informed when significant changes or unexpected complications occur in an injured worker’s plan of care.
  • Clear, concise documentation highlighting each client’s functional abilities and ongoing physical deficits and restrictions.
  • Accessible, well-trained clinicians for the times you have questions related to our mutual clients.
  • A safe, clean, and welcoming therapeutic environment for clients.
  • Excellent, collaborative, and comprehensive clinical services.

Most rehabilitation facilities only offer single discipline services, but when someone is injured at work their needs can be more complex and can require specialized treatment. Making a referral at NWRTW is comprehensive. Your rehabilitation team is made up of a diverse group of medical professionals, all in one location, working together on your behalf.

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