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How To Cope And Move Forward: Injury Treatment At NWRTW

How to Cope and Move Forward: Injury Treatment at NWRTW

If you have suffered an injury at work and are struggling to cope with all of the changes in your life, Northwest Return to Work is a great place to connect with. We use a holistic approach that focuses on helping clients improve all aspects of their life, including mental health. We believe that receiving mental health treatment alongside physical treatments can be greatly beneficial and positively impact your recovery. Physical and mental health are not exclusive, they are intertwined, and one cannot go unimpacted by the other. At Northwest Return to Work, it’s not just about coming in and getting treated by our providers. It’s about learning skills you can use to help facilitate your own recovery and move forward.

We explore the use of mindfulness techniques to help clients increase self-awareness and improve the mind-body connection. We teach relaxation skills such as meditation, deep breathing and muscle release to help cope with pain. Therapists provide psychoeducation and resources to help manage problems such as poor nutrition, fatigue, isolation, and difficulty with sleep. We help clients understand how sleep and nutrition impact us both mentally and physically. We also work with clients on improving communication skills to help navigate interactions with family, employers, health professionals and friends. We encourage clients to set boundaries and advocate for their needs. We help clients learn to identify and process their emotions in a healthy way, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them.

Recovering from an injury is hard work and you shouldn’t have to do it alone! We strive to make our clients feel supported and cared for. We allow clients space to grieve everything they have lost due to the injury and then work to create new goals and new sources for motivation and strength. We strive to restore clients’ hope in their recovery process and in their future. If you suffered an injury at work and are struggling to cope, please reach out to us to see if services might be covered for you.

Written by Jauna Cruz, MA, LMFT

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