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Attention Occupational And Physical Therapists! Help Spread The Word About Workers’ Compensation Coverage For COVID!

Attention Occupational and Physical Therapists! Help spread the word about Workers’ Compensation coverage for COVID!

Your help is needed to spread the word about coverage and care options for COVID and Long-Haul COVID under WA State Workers’ Compensation.

Are you or someone you know (family, client) suffering from COVID or Long Haul COVID-19? Get the help you need quickly. Long Haul-Covid is covered by worker’s compensation in Washington State for healthcare and frontline workers. If anyone in these two worker categories has been actively working and contracted COVID-19, they are presumed to have been exposed at work. A person can apply for worker’s compensation to cover lost wages and treatment costs instead of using sick/vacation time.

How can you help?

As frontline workers, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy professionals are ideally positioned to identify those suffering from longer term symptoms, connect them with the available resources, and participate in care. We can make a huge difference in sharing coverage news and treatment resources with our clients, coworkers, families, and community members. By expanding access to coverage and participating in care, we help our communities accelerate the recovery from this pandemic. Thanks for all you do! Therapists are truly essential workers.

Click the link below to download the document for more information and Resource links.

COVID Workers Comp Information

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